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Name:Kanaya Maryam
Birthdate:Aug 26
I Am Also Interested In "Rainbow Drinker Cannot Use Supernatural Psychic Abilities On Troll Maiden And Without Ability To Enter His Cocoon Begins To Observe Her In Her Respiteblock Eventually Giving In And Drinking Her Beautiful Blue Blood; She Develops A Reciprocal Attraction And Eventually Allows Him To Drink Her Blood Because She Believes This Will Be Conducive To Future Pail Filling; Meanwhile Young Troll Who Commonly Moves About Horizontally Falls In Love But Has No Chance"


> Enter name.

Your name is KANAYA MARYAM.

You are one of the few of your kind who can blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.


You don't have time for going through all this again. You are familiar enough with the techniques of reading the PUFFY ORACLES from your dreams to know this is some kind of memory, and, given the harsh white alien nature of several of them, that you are quite likely the victim of some kind of doomed timeline or something. You've got to apply your zeal for FASHION and DESIGN to making this recounting of your interests and history original and appealing and to-the-point.

> Enter game.

You've already done that! You got a client, dealt with your crises, resurrected your adoptive mother to act as your spritely guide, took your place as SYLPH OF SPACE in the LAND OF RAYS AND FROGS, bred Bilious Slick with a missing genetic sequence at the urging of your leader KARKAT VANTAS, the KNIGHT OF BLOOD, and saw the ULTIMATE REWARD pass through said leader's fingertips.

> Enter veil.

You've already done that, too. On your lonely computer lab's monitors you've discovered the face behind the alien chumhandle tentacleTherapist, belonging to ROSE LALONDE, the painfully alien and agonizingly pale SEER OF LIGHT, and at her hands you have honed your skills in this STRANGE HUMAN EMOTION CALLED SARCASM. Oh, and FRIENDSHIP. Which is important here in the veil, since getting twelve trolls to work together is like pulling twelve teeth at once. But you're sure your friends can survive without your meddling for a few hours. Not that you have excessive investment in many of them, anyway, especially not VRISKA SERKET, the literally but certainly not in your esteeming figuratively divine THIEF OF LIGHT, your PREPOSTEROUS INFATUATION with whom you have sworn to abandon.

For six hours and twelve minutes, you have been watching the countdown to the CRITICAL MOMENT, and wonder for the thousand and twenty-fifth time whether all of these recurring numbers mean anything.

> Enter role-playing game.

Okay. Now we're getting somewhere we haven't been before.

You have found yourself in an asylum called [community profile] carriero. Within two hours of your arrival it was necessary for you to break into the establishment's hidden areas and rescue [personal profile] rea_norton ANDREA NORTON, an attractive and dangerous emo girl who happened to be a crotchety old man at the time, banding together with several armed aliens who had also been grubnapped, batting away black romance left and right, ultimately creating fire-forged bonds with blood and bombs. ...and, technically, the girl in question at some point in this process died at the hand of your fellow troll [personal profile] wwrathofangels ERIDAN AMPORA, the PRINCE OF HOPE, with whom you share enough FORMER AND FUTURE CONCILIATORY AFFECTIONS to not want to chainsaw for his MORTIFYING PUBLIC DISPLAYS. Yet. You have, unsurprisingly, ended up in the ASHEN QUADRANT with the two of them. Your experience with the human species can be measured in MONTHS, and these have been thoroughly supplanting your past HOURS interacting from the Veil with the SBURB players as the definitive introduction to the true meaning of FRIENDSHIP, as well as theft, insanity, hope, and even Christmas.

Also murder (you have to give a fist bump or possibly a high five, you're not sure which is subculturally appropriate, to [personal profile] honkalypse GAMZEE MAKARA, the BARD OF RAGE, for that one), but that's just par for the course when you're an adolescent troll.

[Mundane is [info]1angelette. Game is [community profile] carriero. Application is here.]
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